Millos Kaiser
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Millos Kaiser

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Millos Kaiser

+ Gaspar & Elena

Sábado 13 de ABRIL 00:30H - #berlinClub
Entradas anticipadas (hasta las 02:30) : 20€ con copa / 2 cervezas
Taquilla: 24€ con copa / 2 cervezas

Over the past decade, Millos Kaiser has earned a reputation as one of the most exciting selectors out there. His dedication to unearthing and celebrating the incredibly rich and diverse music of his native Brazil is at the heart of everything he does. Whether gracing European festivals like Dekmantel and Nuits Sonores or editing and repressing obscure tropical gems, Millos is out to capture the Brazilian spirit in full technicolour.

Millos’ sets are known for traversing through Brazilian street soul to obscure Bahian oddities and eighties synth workouts, often weaving in his own edits along the way. His Onda De Amor compilation, released on Soundway last year, shed a light on the country’s late eighties electronic scene that had been largely - and inexcusably - overlooked, earning him praise from countless DJs and record collectors.

Crucially Millos has cultivated an approach to DJing that is lighthearted and playful whilst maintaining a subtle sophistication that sets him apart. Rather than adhering to specific genres, he follows an aesthetic he describes as “never too polished, always melodic, sometimes tropical and sometimes dark.” Essentially Millos is both a connoisseur’s DJ and crowd pleaser. “I like to make people dance in different ways and not always stomp their feet. I like to please but also challenge”.

Millos began his musical career fronting punk and indie bands in his hometown of Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, before turning his hand to DJing in 2008. Moving to Sāo Paulo a few years later he joined forces with fellow DJ Trepanado, becoming the DJ duo Selvagem and hosting parties of the same name. Now infamous, these events saw thousands partying wildly in city squares, abandoned warehouses and at Carnaval Blocos.

A few years later the two DJs would also launch the Selva Discos label, re-releasing several tracks that had gained legendary status in their iconic sets. Both parties and label sparked young Brazilians to engage with their more obscure musical heritage, cultivating a modern eclectic scene nationally that has lapped up on intercontinental shores too.

Meanwhile Millos’ unique vision has continued to become bolder and more colorful. Now focused on his solo career, you can catch him playing his rare finds at Caracol, the new audiophile bar he co-owns in Sao Paulo, and at parties and festivals both at home and abroad. With a growing number of European appearances on the horizon, Millos Kaiser’s intentions are clear: our dancefloors and his eccentric rhythms have a bright future together.

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